The Vision

Signature Staircase prides itself on providing excellence to its customers and its ability to consistently deliver on the most unique, custom and challenging stair projects.

The Designer

At the heart of Signature Staircase, owner and chief designer Al Suska has been planning, designing, drafting and building staircases for over 40 years. A master of his craft, Al Suska is renowned for his passion for fine woodworking and his meticulous design process to deliver the finest quality product possible. He brings his years of experience to the design table for each masterpiece he creates; instinctively molding his work to achieve optimal form and function so every detail greets your eye and your stair "feels" just right everyday that you walk its treads. His legacy of fine works, complimenting the finest homes in North America and the pages of satisfied clients speaks volumes of his dedication to each and every project.

The Artisans & Craftsmen

Once a design is finalized it is passed on to our highly skilled team of artisans and craftsmen to bring it to life. Our talented and dedicated team rises to every challenge put in front of them, consistently delivering on some of the most challenging projects and designs in the industry. Our team pushes the limits, working with exotic materials and utilizing a blend of state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and traditional hand-crafted techniques to produce the highest quality products. Each staircase and handrail project is built with pride and an unrivaled level of attention to detail.